My Approach


When I conduct my field tests, I never write the review after the first outing as that does not provide me with enough information about the product or its durability. I like to test each item at least 3-4 times in a range of conditions so that I can provide an honest and impartial review. Once I am happy that I have fairly tested the gear, I will then collect any photos I have taken and will upload them into a dropbox folder for your use.

I will also write a review and will send it to you for technical corrections before I set a publish date. So, generally the entire process, for each item, can take up to 4-5 weeks from when I first receive the item. If you send me multiple items that I can test at the same time, this will mean I can prepare reviews based on the one set of field-tests and then schedule them to be published a week apart. All reviews are published on this site, my Trail Hiking Australia site, Facebook Page, via Twitter and Instagram for maximum reach.

There is nothing better than to be immersed in our natural environment with the right gear


My Story


About me

My name is Darren Edwards and I am passionate about hiking, bush-walking (or whatever you choose to call it). My mission is encourage others to get outdoors and discover their next adventure. I have done my best to make ‘Getting You Wild’ easier by first building Trail Hiking Australia, a free-to-use website that has rapidly grown to be one of the leading trails sites in Australia. This I am extremely proud of, Check it out at

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My Audience

My Audience

My Audience are avid hikers, social walkers, trail runners, mountain bikers, bushwalkers, multi-day hikers and trekkers. These are passionate people who view their engagement with the outdoors as a holistic lifestyle choice, more so than a basic form of recreation. They all seek a deeper connection attained through hitting the trail, to the environment, to their community and to their own bodies and minds.

This community is hungry for trail based information and for products that will support them in their outdoor adventures. They interact and share ideas, stories and knowledge and make firm and informed decisions when preparing to hit the trail. Trail Hiking’s community is rapidly growing throughout Australia and as of November 2018 has substantial reach with connections across the globe.

My audience is currently weighted between females (61.2%) and males (38.8%) aged mainly between 18 and 54. Core audience is 25-44yo (62.5%) with a 15.6% membership in 45-54yo, 5.2% in 18-24yo and a 2.5% readership stretching into 55-64yo.

Community Engagement

Engagement at is growing rapidly with the past 12 months attracting in excess of 462,672 users from across Australia. This has resulted in an average of 38,556 users per month with some months topping 72,000 users. Current analytics over the past 12 months show an average 4,454 page views per day.

  • Facebook  8,500+ followers
  • Instagram 2,000+ followers
  • Twitter 400followers
  • Trail Hiking Australia monthly EDM 18,000+ members
  • Meetup Hiking Groups 6,000+ members across a collective of dedicated hiking groups that I founded and manage right across Australia.

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